So Excited! I Get To See Him Sooner Than I Thought!!

OK, so I'm new to this whole army thing and don't know a whole lot about anything.  But I just deciphered something my boy told me in one of his last letters - I got it a few weeks ago.  He's doing OSUT at Ft. Knox, and I knew that he would be doing Basic and AIT together in one long 16 weeks.  I knew his graduation date was May 13, so I figured that was it, and I would see him then.  But in one of his last letters he said that he thought there might be like a mini graduation for basic, and asked if it was on a weekend if I would be able to come, because he didn't think that his parents would be able to come up for both.  I was kinda confused by this for a while, wondering why they would do two graduations, and I thought that he meant that it would be just like a mini ceremony maybe like a week before the real graduation.  BUT...I feel so dumb that I didn't know this...I didn't realize that they did the basic training portion first and then the AIT portion...the way it had been explained to me was that for his job, in OSUT it was all together.  So I didn't think they were two separate stages.  But I just found out, finally, that they do the basic training portion first and get that done, and THEN have a mini graduation for that, and THEN start the AIT portion, and THEN have their big graduation.  That's what he was talking about!!  I get it now!  So I looked it up on the website and his graduation for the Basic portion is at the end of March.  I don't know why I didn't realize this...I don't know if he knew that's how it worked or not.  But I had no idea they would do a little graduation in the middle.  I assumed that since his was different than other positions and didn't do it quite the same with separating Basic and AIT like others do, that it was all together.  HA.  I know that all of you probably know this and I'm just making myself sound dumb, but I just had to share my excitement!!!  I already looked at my calendar and I don't have anything going on that weekend in March, so I'm already planning on going up there for that!  I'm SSOOOOOOO freaking excited that I figured this out!  Like I said, I'm new to this whole army thing and don't understand much of it, so I make myself look dumb a lot when I don't know things.  But YAY, I will probably get to see him about a month and a half before when I had planned!!!!!  I'm SOOOOOOOO excited!!  I know I've said that like a million times already, but I am!  I know all of you can relate with how much I miss my soldier right now and how pumped I am for getting to see him sooner than expected!! :)

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Im glad to hear your going to be seeing your boyfriend sooner than you though,thats great!!

I dunno about the immediate family member thing .. I mean it wasn't an issue when I went I did have to sign him out which I thought was kinda funny but the only thing they asked when I signed him out was if I was over 18. The basic graduation was definately better than the real one to me so if you can only go to one that's the one to go to. Well the actual graduation at the end was better itslf but there was WAY less time to spend with him. The last graduation consisted of a dinner the night before that my soldier wasn't even aloud to go to cause his platoon got in trouble and then graduation the next morning. We only got to spend like 45 mins with him after that graduation before they put him on a bus to Kansas where he's stationed. But mine had two weeks off for Christmas Exodus so your also might get to come home for two weeks when he graduates before going to his unit mine was supposed to but he didnt get it since he had just had two weeks off the month before. Mail and phone calls I think can be different depending on the drill sgts he has and how strict they are. During basic I didnt get a phone call until about 4 weeks in. I think I got a total of 3 or 4 during basic was all usually on Sunday but sometimes they'd be around 6 or 7 on a weeknight. Also, we lived together and were practically married before he left so these 3 or 4 phone calls were the only ones he got during basic he never called his mom :X so if your having to share then it could be less. I usually got a letter about every other day from him once things settled down but the mail sucked so I'd get none for a week then three of four one day. But again that depends on how much free time the drill dgts give them. After he graduates basic he should get more phone calls. Mine usually got one every Sunday once he was in his AIT portion and he could usually talk for 30 minutes or an hour rather than the 5 minutes he was given when he was in basic. Actually, my boyfriend was in a strict platoon he said alot of the guys ended up getting their cellphones back during the AIT part but mine didnt get his back until the night before his final graduation. And dont worry about asking questions I love answering them haha .. it feels so good to have it done with and be able to talk to him everyday. It will come so much quicker than you can ever imagine and school helps too I'm still wondering where last semester went lol!

Oh boy, be careful about the "if you have any questions" thing with me...I have a ton of them! I had heard about them getting a 36-hour pass, and that's awesome! But some people have said that they will only let them off base if they're with an immediate family this true for Ft. Knox? Because his parents might not come to the ceremony after Basic, so would he still be able to get off base with me? And since I just found out about this, 36 hours with him is way longer than I expected, so I'm excited for any time at all with him. I'm probably not going to go to his official graduation...I really want to, but it's right before my own graduation from college, plus his parents will definitely be at that one and well, his mom doesn't really like me so I figure I should stay out of it and let her have a nice special time at his graduation without having to worry about me :<br />
Did you hear from your boyfriend much while he was there? I got a couple of letters while he was in reception, and I know that he called his mom once during that week but I haven't ever gotten a phone call and I haven't heard from him in over two weeks now. I know that the first couple of weeks are the roughest and they're crazy busy, plus the weather has been really crappy up there so that's probably messed with the mail...but you know Fort Knox, so did you get much mail from him, and how long did it take once he actually started Basic for you to get any letters or hear from him? Was he allowed any phone calls once he started Basic? <br />
I think that's all my questions for now...thanks for your input!! I love being able to talk to girls who have gone through or are going through the same thing as me and can give me advice, especially ones who have been through the Fort Knox thing, because I hear that it's a lot different from other bases...

Yay my boyfriend also did his OSUT training at Fort Knox, he graduated from it Jan 29th! He also had the basic graduation .. its actually called a "beret-donning ceremony" You or his parents should get an official army letter explaing both soon. I'm guessing your guy should have a 36 hour pass or a night with you after the basic graduation but ya know it all changes so I always try to not get my hopes up for stuff like that but its def a possibility. Mine got lucky that his basic graduation fell on Thanksgiving Day so they gave him the whole weekend or next three nights off but I think standard is a 36 hour pass which would give him a night with you. I also went alone for the basic graduation but I went with my mans mom for his official graduation last month. If you have any questions about Fort Knox or anything let me know!