I Miss Him!

 so today i am feeling a little down i miss Sam so much and it sucks not having him here. ughhhh it is starting to make me sick when i see couples kissing and holding hands because i wish i could have that so bad with Sam and it sucks because he's so far away ughhh and my sister makes me sick to my stomach because she can be away from her boyfriend for like an hour and she starts to cry about it ughhh i just want to slap the BEEP! out of her really... i dont know it is just starting to get to me i just wish Sam was here to hug me i know i have to stay strong but today i just want to cry my eyes out i just want to feel his lips against mine i want him here !AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i 'm sorry i just didnt want to keep this all inside me i hope tomorrow is a better day


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2 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Believe me girl, I know where you are comming from as I to was over seas and it tore me up too. Just knowing I was not home with my family and it hurts him as much as it does you. You need to be strong for him as he can not be worrying about you falling apart while he has so much to keep his mind on just staying alive over there. Send him letters and pictures of you and stories of what you do each day if needed so you are sharing with him as it is a lift for you and him too. I know you are struggling to make each day but he is struggling to stay alive with others dieing around him. PLEASE above all do not let him see you like this as it will only distract him and he may not be thinking right when he goes out in the field. IF he is worrying about you he can not do his job right. I want you to have him home. Just be strong and Tell him from a Vietnam war vet that I said, " Thank you for what he is doing and the commitment to do it well." I also thank you girl for the commmitment and others like you who stand up for these men and women who serve with their lives. God bless you and watch over him. Remember he needs you to get him home safely.

Just keep your head up high girly!! The time will come sooner then it seems it always does! Stay busy, find a new hobby, make him pictures and stuff. But Remember keep that head held high and smile really big because he would want nothing less than that, and you have to stay strong for him. If you need to talk message me =]]