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Well we have all heard im sure from our boys that the taliban are more active in the spring, and they will be sent out more on missions, night and day, in protected areas or not, but im starting to worry about daniel, he used to have days off here and there and last week he got a few in a row and i didnt have a good feeling about it, well he usually tells me about what they have going on when they go out and calls right before they roll out, last night they went out on a night mission and he didnt call until he got back in, he only does this when hes worried about what they are going out to do and he doesnt want me to hear it in his voice. Hes out of phone minutes now and i know hes back out on another mission, i got a facebook messagge from him sayin how much he loved me and they were getting ready to roll out, another sign hes worried about what they are going to do, when he tells me how much i mean to him and how hes never gonna leave me. I know alot of us are getting in the stage of worrying more because of the things we are hearing on the news and from what are men are telling us and we are still trying to remain strong and be their support without them realizing that we are more worried then we have ever been. I know ive been crankier around my house and everyone knows that i either havent talked to daniel or hes out on a mission hes worried about and they steer clear of me, if they only knew i needed them to show that they support the both of us and they back our choices and are proud of him for what hes doing, i know their proud of him and what hes doing and my mom trys to tell me how its hard on her with him being gone but she doesnt realize how much harder it is for us the girlfriends.


Hang in there girls! Keep your heads up and they will be home before we know it

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i know just how you feel when Sam is out on missions hes gone days with out sleep and i just worry about him... he doesnt like to tell me what goes on because he knows i worry he also text or calls before and after a mission so i know that he's okay.... its hard know that our guys are out there putting thier lives on the line but we have to stay stong for them! dont worry girly we will get through this!<br />
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Of course you are going to worry hun but you have to remember how un promising ever thing over there is, things may change at anytime and the routine might be different. He will stay safe and be back to you don't worry =] Let your family know you need them, they may not realize and of course you have to remember that they wont know how you feel. Like you said keep your head up, and keep a smile on your face because he would want nothing less than for that. If you need anything message me hun =]