What Did You Get Your Guy For Vday

Hey ladies im really excited about this weekend!!!! I get to spend time with my baby and I so cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!


I finally went out and got his vday gift today and im hoping he likes it. I got him a wonderful car, the couples retreat dvd, and his favorite choclates.


What did you get your guy for vday??? What are your weekend plans??


I cant wait to see what he got me on Sunday..im anxious.

Hooahkindoflove Hooahkindoflove
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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

Glad you get to see your guy on Vday!! Thats great!<br />
I wont be seeing mine because he is stationed in Louisiana and I live in KY so its too far. But I made him a photobook using all of his pictures from basic and am mailing it to him. Its made like a scrapbook and has a military theme. I loved it. He hasnt got it yet, so I can't wait to see what his reaction is!