Finally A Normal Relationship For Awhile?

So my man finally graduated his OSUT training at Fort Knox on Jan 29th. Since he had Christmas Exodus he had no time off but got put on a bus to Fort Riley, Kansas less than an hour after graduation. Being able to talk to him on the phone and skype (as of two days ago when he finally got internet in his room) is so awesome after 16 weeks of letters. He isn't getting deployed until next February because his unit just got back from a deployment. And as of now, his unit is deploying to Iraq and are pretty much acting as a cleanup crew he says. I know things can change and I know nothings completely safe over there but it seems he has one of the safer deployments so we're both pretty happy about that.

So I say finally a normal relationship but this is still so abnormal to me. We have been together 3 1/2 years and lived together for two so having a long distance relationship, while a lot better than when he was in training, is still hard for us. When I think of it in sections it seems to make it easier to think of though. He has one year at Fort Riley, then 12-15 months deployed. Then when he gets back from his deployment he will have about 8-11 months left in his active contact. When I think of it in peices it seems so much eaier than when I just think of the fact that we have three years to deal with all this. We plan on getting married before he deploys next year. We really wanna go to Vegas and do it but we'll see how that goes with money and everything.We're trying to see each other once a month, once every other month at the least. I'm going on March 5-11 for my Spring Break from school to stay with him in Kanssas! And he also found out that he gets two weeks off for July 4th to come home! Awesome!

So has anyone went and visited their guys in the baracks? I know their technically not aloud to have overnight guests but my guy thinks that his sgts don't care. When yall visit your men do you get a hotel or stay in their room? Anything yall can let me know about visiting them once they're stationed somewhere I'd love to hear!

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I've spent the night with my guy at Hunter Army Airfield. It's not a big deal.. lol When I went (he just got deployed) to go see him after my afternoon classes the guards knew me and we talked about our days.. lol Andrew would always be like woman you sure can talk a lot and know everyones life story in a matter of minutes... lol I rather have my boyfriend spend the night with me than sleep in the barracks it always is sooo freaking cold to me, but I only live ten to fifteen mins away from post, but if I was driving a far distance I honestly rather sleep in the barracks...

I just got back from visiting my boyfriend at fort bragg, I stayed in the barracks one night and with one of his friends at his apartment. You are right they arent supposed to have them stay, but they all do lol you just have to be careful people go in and out of them as they please. I have a friend that stayed with her bf at his barracks for 3 months hahah