Friday is finally here!!! My guy comes home for his two weeks tomorrow!!! I can not hide how excited I am. I have been smiling at every little thought of him. Thinking about his silly little dances in the car when I hear certain songs. Thinking about his stupid remarks when I say things he comments on. Thinking about how he plays with the dog when I tell her "daddy's coming home." Ughh!!! I just need it to be here now!! He will be right here in our bed with me this time tomorrow!!! Can't contain myself. Ha! It is going to be a great Valentine's Day! He says he planned something special! Hang in there ladies! Hope everyone is staying strong for our men, it does pay off! 



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Sweet! Congrats and I hope you have an amazing two weeks! Just enjoy the time you have with him and do not think about him leaving...take lots of photos and save things so you can send him pictures or cute letters once he does leave. yayyyyy have fun girl :)

Thanks ladies!! Three more hours till I start my drive to get him!! SOOO STOKED!!!

Thanks ladies!! Three more hours till I start my drive to get him!! SOOO STOKED!!!

aww hope you have a lot of fun with each other!!!!!!!

yayyy!!!! So Happy for you! I Hope you enjoy every second of it!!!!!!

WOOHOOO! im happy for ya girlie!

Thanks! Haiti..that's rough. Glad it's only for 6 months! Haha. I will definately post about my Valentine's Day! I am so excited!!! COUPLE MORE HOURS!!

I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! Mine gets home sometime Idk when yet... But he is on a max of 6months.. He got deployed to Haiti...I wanna know what you two for valentines day!!!!

Aw. LUCKY US!!! Yeah 15 months sucks but he is planning a trip to Puerto Rico for his R&R so that is something to look forward to next winter! Have fun this weekend!! I know I will! :)

YAYAAAAYYYYYY!! 15 MONTHS! Woahh why so long??<br />
<br />
Let me know what he planned for you two on Valentine's day!!! <br />
<br />
hehe my guy comes home tomorrow toooo! only for the weekend..but it's more than i could ask for!!

Thanks! I will!! He gets deployed for fifteen months at the end of this. Haha, so I will definitely take full advantage of him being here with me! I can't wait!

I am so happy for you hun! =]]<br />
Enjoy it all!