So Frusttrated!!!!!

so i was recently married to the most amazing guy on earth, he had to go back to his station in Europe. I'm trying to join my husband over there, well lets just say every time we take a step we get have set backs seems at least once every 3 or 4 days. he has training next month so I'm trying to get there before he leaves.  turns out i need another stupid passport to even fly (military issued that will take 8 weeks to receive)mostly saying i get to wait another month to get over there with him. very frustrated right now, thought  i should tell you girls this. if you need help with this whole process ill help you as much as possible. 

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i already got my military ID and insurance,changed my licnece,social sucurity and such i been working on this practically since he left to go back to Germany lol.valentines day... ugh is tomorrow. i dont like valentines day. why just show ur effections that one day? u should show everyday lol.

I know it all sucks! Mine took 6 months, but it doesnt always take a long time. If you are just starting the paperwork there are a few things that can help. First, make sure you have your Military ID and that all your identifications have the same name.. One Soldiers wife had some in her maiden name and others in her married name. It can cause a lot of problems and make things take longer. Also ask your Soldier to get you the Medical Exam forms ASAP- once you have them make an appointment at the nearest post and get it done. This is the part that usually holds up paperwork. Also start going through personal belongings- what you wanna ship to Germany and what you want to store. Also, if your car is on lease and you want to take it if approved you will need the lean holders written permission to ship it- again you HAVE to have the original. NEVER let them take the original paperwork, only give them copies. Also- if your husbands being deployed from Germany, and that is where he is returning to you may have to stay in Germany the whole deployment. Most of the time the Military will NOT pay to relocate you to a different station/place unless its on his orders. Moving is super exspensive to pay out of pocket. If thats the case, and you will be staying in Germany make sure to get and stay involved... your family and frieds can physically be there all the time and its important to have ppl to lean on when you feel it is too much.. im here for you though- email me with any questions what so ever! Its such a head ache to get it all done- but worth it in the end. Tomorrow, Valentines Day, I have been in Korea 1 year... and out of our almost 3 years of marriage- this is the longest we've lived together haha.. gotta love the army

you got to be kidding me. i dont have 6 months to do all this. i bearly got 7 months to be with him b4 he gets deployed for a yr. ugh i guess its not my day. thanx for the help :)

Hey, so you actually can move to your husbands post- without the Military Passport. I live in South Korea with ym husband, and i do not have a Military Passport. I traveled here on my tourist passport- then i took my passport into our Units Legal Office. They then got my Visa, SOFA Stamp and my re-entry stamp. Your Soldier can go and speak with his NCOIC and find out if thats something you could do as well... Also, just a heads up, the process of getting Command Sponsership can take a long time. It took me 6 months to get to live here in Korea. It has to go through all the different levels in the Unit and Main Command-- well thats how it was here, i've learned it can vary sometimes. Like mine had to go through our Units Company, Battalian, and then was then sent to our areas Main Unit and then up to the Garrison Main Unit. Doing field work, and trainings, is really common this time of year (my husbands Unit has them like every 2 weeks for the next like 3 months. This can cause your CSP to take a little longer.. when you are approved, there is also lots of paperwork you will have to do if you're wanting to take House Hold Goods and your car - if your approved to have your POV sent. You will also need a General Power of Attorney, you will have to have the original one- not a copy.. but you will also need multiple copies of the POA, also you will want multiple copies of all of his orders; General Orders, Pin Point Orders and your Command Sponsership Orders, also get a copy front and back of his ID. If his rank is different on your CSP then his current rank, you might also have to have him send a memorandum (i think is what its called) showing the new rank- its only needed during certain rank changes- like from E2 - E3, its not needed, but from E3 - E4, you would need it. The HHG Weight limits go up with certain rank advancements. Also- start getting all of your Medical Records you believe/know will be needed by doctors- like i had to get copies of all my surgeries, tests, physical therapy and prescription lists. Also- got get your vaccines. Get a printed copy of which shots you're given. Also, you'll need all records of shots from out your life, with out being able to show them your records, you may have to get them all again- High Schools tend to keep your shot records for bout 2-4 years after you graduate. Also- moving there right before he leaves to do field training will prolly suck a whole lot. You will probably have to live on a on-post lodge, until you've found a home- he can look around for housing, but not officially until he has a copy of your flight stuff. Also, in processing really sucks, and takes forever. I had to do it without my husband.. it sucked cause i didnt really know what i was doing... Also, have him get email addresses for the Units FRG Leader and FRSA- They will be able to help you out SO MUCH. Sorry this is long- its just there is so much involved in the process. Tons, TONS more then what i've already wrote! Haha, email/message me anytime!