Feeling Sad :(

grrrr... i haven't gotten a letter from my soldier in 3 days now. i'm really trying not to complain too much because he's been awesome with sending me a letter almost everyday [since he's been away doing his basic training]. i've been going through alot lately, so coming home and getting a letter from him just brightens my day. i'm going to see him next weekend, i can't wait. -but just needing some support right now... i don't wanna doubt, but doubts are definitely creeping. ahhhhh!

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5 Responses Feb 11, 2010

ur welcome u can slway contact me if u need to talk k :)

thank u soooo much girlies <br />
<br />

Be strong. I haven't heard from my man in three weeks now. I cry some, but I hold my head high because I know he wouldn't want to see me down. You will get a letter soon and it will mean that much more.

dont worry C you will get a letter before you know it. I know its hard to wait but hang n there he will contact you.

hey dont worry about it, BCT they do all sorts of training including field work. if hes writting u almost everyday hes missing u alot. just b pacient and stay strong :)