Kills Me Slowly

the fighting doesn't happen often but when it does it kills me most of the time the fight is about my parents but sometime my baby is so hard headed there so old fashion not exactly the greatest mix ughh  the min we can we are getting married and im happy i am but idk what to do   just venting i guess but  someone tell me how to help them get along because i really cant take it anymore its killing me !

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because my parents will do or say something that upset him and he always bite his tongue amd its just not easy when he comes back and tells me what he wants to tell them ... and my family do not want me with him <br />
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Thank you he stole my heart

i know what its like for your guy to not get along with your family completely. it can make a tense situation. when i got engaged to my soldier they were not exactly thrilled. they thought i was too young and that i was making a mistake. i just told them to get out their frustrations now. tell me how they felt and never bring it up again. i made it clear that i was happy and wanted them to be happy for me.<br />
it can be hard. sometimes it just gets better with time. good luck. just let everyone know that when they dont get along it puts you in a bad situation because you are caught in the middle. have them at least try to get along for your sake. hope everyhting gets better.

why do u guys fight about your parents?