6 Months Of Waiting

So i just found out today from my fiancé mom that he is going straight to ait after basic. It is very disappointing that he wont be able to come home. i know that his training takes 6 month but i was hoping he could come home after bct even just for few days. it's very scary that something might change for those six months that were apart. i know myself that I'll be waiting for him but i dont know about his side. Our relationship isn't easy to the fact that my parents doesn't want me to date him. this engagement is not knowledgable from both sides of our family although his parents know about me. Should I mention this to my fiancé that it really concerns me? i'm tryin not to coz i don't want to stress him out esp his just literally starting his basic. i'm scared that if I make this sacrifices it will turn out into nothing. What should i do?
Lonelysoldiergirl Lonelysoldiergirl
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1 Response Feb 12, 2010

Keep faith in your commitment and plan how you both can keep it going. You should be able to see him when he graduates!