People That Take For Granted What They Have...

OK, I'm sorry but I just have to vent about something and I figured that you girls will share in my sentiments.  So, one of my friends has been dating this girl for about a year and a half.  At first, their relationship was great, but then she moved to another state to go to grad school and he's still here finishing up his undergrad degree this year.  And ever since she moved away, he's acted like he doesn't want to be with her at all.  She drives about six hours from Tennessee to Georgia to see him and he doesn't hardly even acknowledge her while she's here.  He will barely talk to her, won't hold her hand, won't show her any affection, nothing like that.  It really bothered me before, but now that I'm an army gf and am realizing how hard it's going to be being away from the guy that I care so much about for such a long period of time, stuff like this just infuriates me!!!  I know how much I want to see him right now, with every fiber of my being I want him to be right here with me and I would give absolutely anything to make that happen.  And so people that take advantage of how often they get to see their boyfriend/girlfriend/loved one just royally **** me off!!!  I just want to be like, "LISTEN.  Do you WANT to trade situations?  Because I would be MORE than happy to trade situations with you and get to see my boyfriend right now, over Valentine's weekend especially, and I'm sure you wouldn't mind switching situations either, seeing as you don't seem to appreciate what you have AT ALL!!!"  This guy especially acts like he would be fine if he saw his girlfriend maybe once a year.  Now, I'm not writing all of this to just vent about him or to tell you that he's a horrible person or anything like that, I just used him as an example of what I see in so many people.  After seeing how hard this life that we have is for military girlfriends, fiances, and wives, it just absolutely disgusts me when I see people who have more than enough opportunities to see the one they love and don't appreciate it at all!!  I know just how precious every moment is that I get to spend with him, so when I see him (or people like him) ignoring their girlfriend/boyfriend, I just want to scream, "WHY CAN'T YOU APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE AND ACT LIKE IT???  Because I know of a whole lot of people that would love to be in your shoes right now getting to see the one they love."  GAH I HATE IT when people are like that!  Can anyone else relate??  I mean, I'm sure everyone here has the same sentiments about this in general, but if you know anyone in particular that's like this, I'm sure you can relate even more.  It's just so frustrating to see this in people!  It's kind of like how it makes me want to ring people's necks when they talk about how they miss their boyfriend so much because they haven't seen him in a couple of days...REALLY?  REALLY???  A couple of DAYS, when you probably got to talk to him on the phone or text him or have some sort of contact with him the whole time, right??  Try MONTHS at a time with no more than a couple of letters, and THEN you can complain to me about how much you miss him.  

UGHHH...sorry I just had to go on a little (long) rant there.  I've had this frustration building up inside me for so long but I can't tell it to friends because they don't really understand, and I knew that if anyone would understand my frustrations, it would be you girls, because you know how hard it is to be an army girlfriend.  Anyway, if you have any comments/stories about the same kind of thing, they are more than welcome.  Just had to share my frustration!!!!!!!

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Oh I completely understand... I see friends who are the same way. I would give anything just to say good night to my bf.. But I can't three weeks have passed and they finally posted mailing addresses... ONLY INCOMING MAIL. I got a three day notice he was being deployed... It wasn't like I could rush over to see him off.... I see all these couples who complain about being in a "long distance" relationship.... Please you get to call or text every moment of the day... All I have is a voicemail that was left on my phone the day he deployed...til he calls me again... I would love to have a person walk one week in my shoes... Feel how empty, scared, worried, and lonely I feel.. I'm new to this and this is so hard... A friend told me to stop complaining and pick up the phone and just call him... I broke into tears... bc they dont get it.. they call u when they can.... My little rant of tonight also...