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Hello Ladies...

   Just wanted to check in with you all, and give you an update on Paul's progress! He is now eating whole food, and ate his 1st piece of chicken today, which he loved, he hasn't had any meat in over 4 months! The physical therapy is going well, and he should be walking with in a week or so!

   We got a letter from the army,advising of his benefits & rights as being a wounded veteran! In may we will be moving to georgia (Ft Benning) where he will start training to be a drill sargent, and finish his army career there, 4 years to go! I am so proud of him and the accomplishments he has made! Our family has made so many sacrifices over the last 16years, and finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel, for the 1st time were actually gonna live as a family.

   I never take anything for granted anymore, as life is to precious to worry about the little things, hopefully in georgia, he will be able to teach young soldiers to become great men to themselves & families, as he has become...


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He's a big boy now... LoL... The move to GA im not looking forward to that, but having home, will be nice. It's like starting a whole new life, we've been in AZ for 14 yrs, I'll chalk it up to a new experiance...

Oh Wendy that is great news!!!! I hope all goes well in GA!!!!!! We are so blessed to have our men.. Take care and keep me posted

Thanks for sharing. Good luck girl and god bless you and your family