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Happy Valentines Day to my favorite girls! I was talking to one of my military girls about how she should join on here because it's one big sisterhood and how ya'll help each other including me get through the struggles and hardships of being an army girlfriend. we've all been there done that, and are experiencing new things - but together we get through it all. I've never met any ya'll besides on here or adding each other to facebook... but ya'll have helped me through it all and through some of the worst times. and i couldn't thank ya'll enough. i check on here everyday to see all the new stories and the new updates, and do my best to comment on those in need or those with happy stories. Ya'll should sit back and think about it - where would you be without some of the ladies on here, how many times have you been helped, how many comments have made you smile and know that everything is going to be okay, i know that every story i had, i've had someone write back to help or show there care about my struggles or joys. Basically i'm just here to say thank you to all who have helped me, God bless you and your soldier... Hope ya'll have a great Valentines Day whether you get to enjoy it with your man, or if your like me and without your soldier this year. I'll be spending mine working a 12 hour shift haha. Thanks again, take care, and God Bless!. If any of ya'll want to talk more or need anything ever, message me and we can share some facebook info or something. Love ya'll!!!


I'm not the perfect army girlfriend. The deployments sometimes get to me and there are times when nothing seems to go right when he is gone. I think about how wonderful it would be to have my soldier home all the time. There are times when he is home I push him away so it doesn't hurt so bad when he leaves again. At night I cry because I can no longer handle trying to stay strong. There are times when I feel like walking away from this life that I built. But when I stop and think about it I remember just how much I love my man and am proud to be an Army Girlfriend. ♥ 
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Happy valentines day! Well said :]

Thank you! Happy Valentine's Day too!

Couldn't have said it any better!! =) Happy Valentines Day!