Valentines Day Sucks.

Today would be the first Valentines Day my soldier and I would of spent together. But that's a lot of our stories here. I'm hoping and praying I get a call today. I should, its his 21 days at Fort Jackson. But in a letter he said that someone in his platoon used the phone and got caught. So its a gamble. I'll be super disappointed if i can't talk to him. That's life i guess. He said that i should use his credit card to buy myself something for V-day. Yeah right! :)

Luna4Lupo Luna4Lupo
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2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Aw. Im sorry. :( Well i didn't get a call at all yesterday. Thanks to that guy in his platoon.

yea my fiance an i woulda been our first as well.. i missed his call =[ i was at work =[[ i didnt care about v-day never had im just soo sad that i missed that call =[ he worte me a letter saying he wanted to send me money so i could get something but couldnt get to the PX. lol