Valentines Day

I am also spending today without my Boyfriend. It is very hard especially since he had a 4 day weekend due to the holiday and if we would have known that sooner we could have saved money for him to come up and see me and we could have spent it together. This is also our first valentines day we are together for, and not only did we not get this one but we will not get next years either because he will be deployed. =[ But I know that he would love to be with me.

Last night Kyle and I were on the phone, talking about me moving down there which has been a plan for a while. As soon as I get my tax money back I'm moving down there. Well I wasn't going to live with him I was going to stay with two mutual friends while he stayed on base and we saved money. Last night he told me that when I move down he wants to get a place together. I got super excited! But I also said baby, we would have to get married for that and he said I know. Well for now we plan on just doing a court house marriage and having our ceremony this summer or the summer after he gets back from his deployment which will be summer of 2012. So we were talking and he said when you come down this month, I said no we can't cause ill only be down on the weekend and the courts will be closed. He then said, the day after you come down when you get your taxes, I will stay on base for a little while longer while we get married and find our own place. I said sounds fantastic to me baby, BUTTTT for one second don't think that just because we have had these discussions doesn't mean you are getting out of proposing, you MUST propose to me first! and he said How do you know that's not part of your valentines day present, I got SUPER excited started shaking and all, I asked him if he was serious and he told me I would have to find out when I come down. 12 more days!!!! I can not wait to see him plus see if he is going to propose!!!!

So although my valentines day is not spent with my boyfriend it will be worth it once I see him at the end of the month I am sure of it! Plus I get to spend some time with my mom today! =] We decided to be each others valentines and go out to dinner and the movies HEHEH I love my mommy!

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I will!! =]] Thank you so much!

thats awesome girlie! i'm happy for ya! keep us posted! =]