Valentines Day

Today my bf deployed for will be his 3rd tour but his first tour while with me. We have been together for almost a year and today saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing ive ever done! So i am totally new to this and have no idea what to do now that hes gone...

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idk how long hes gone for the orders say 400 days. Hes not in iraq yet tho so i can talk to him everyday and im with him right now for my 2nd visit :) hopefully this week when he leaves where he is at now he'll get more info on what going on and where hes going

awww my hubby left 2 days after valentines day to iraq :( <br />
how long is he gone? <br />
hopefully this yr goes by fast. its so hard sometimes, but try to keep busy.

Thanks it means a lot to know there are other people out there that feel the same :) and i like to go off on little rants every now and the too ;) I think im over the initial shock of hes gone and not coming back for a while. It also helps that i have a 2 year old son to make me smile and give me a reason to function.

The way I look at it is "IT WILL BE HELL" I don't sugar-coat anything because that just puts your mind in a fantasy land. I just try to relax because the situation is the way it goes and day by day I've learned to accept the fact he's leaving. One point of advice- try to let out most of your emotion in a quiet place away from him so (if you're like me) you don't end up hanging on to his shirt saying "no no NO!' and pretty much breaking the sound barrier LOL ;) Another way I cope is I imagine in my heart that I am a soldier too and that we are BOTH under the same stress of war. It makes me feel closer to him in spirit and I feel empowered to do my duties here such as keeping his moral up, washing the dishes, sleeping when i can, running errands (ETC) One thing to remember: It takes 2 soldiers to make a COMPLETE soldier. Sometimes it seems like us ARMY women arent important but we are the ones who keep our men in camo going. We are the "pole that supports the American flag." We are the backbone of our soldiers! Feel empowered today. I hope that somehow helps. I know sometimes there are women out there that just seem to say the wrong thing or they just dont seem to get it and I'm sorry if I'm one of them! LOL I know the feeling of wanting to SMACK the faces off of people who say "buck it up,little soldier!" I HATE IT with a fiery passion. That is not what i'm saying. I'm saying dont deny your emotions because you have a frickin right to hurt and feel abandoned and all that shite. I'm saying try to accept it all. It takes time to accept it into YOUR own reality. (Atleast for me) Anyways, sorry for getting on my soap-box. You and your soldier will remain in my prayers. I hope that helped somewhat.. ;)

I don't think any one ever really knows what to do when their boyfriend is deployed. That's how i felt when my boyfriend tom was deployed in November. The first few weeks it was a, "what the hell do i do now??" kinda feeling. I'm not a veteran, full time rookie in fact (lol), but all i can say is that try to keep yourself as busy as you can. If this is your first deployment, know that you should always keep your phone near you at ALL times! you never know when he could call, and the feeling of him calling and you not being there to answer completely SUCKS! (its happened to me a few times lol) but yes, keep yourself busy. Whether its school, or work or staying at home. Tell yourself that he'll be fine (although at times it doesn't work). Next thing you know, he'll be walking off a plane and running to you :)<br />
But most of all, have faith