Been Awhile Since I Last Posted

Hey girls!!! I see that we have some new comers. Welcome to all!! Things with my man and I are going very well.   He is in Washington right now may be his new station.  But we don't know yet.  But any ways!  He has been home from Afghan for almost two month or so.  Thank God he will not go back over there for sometime now.  At least we hope. 

It is so hard being away from the one you love today and every day.  I spent my Birthday and now valentines day without the love of my life.  But hey that is ok he try to call me everyday if he can.  Sometimes that is all I need is to hear is voice.  Yeah it would be better him being here but that is ok.   But if anyone needs to talk know that we are all here to help.  WE are kinda like a sisterhood here.  I don't know what I would of done without these girls.  Love ya all:) Hope you have had a great day

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Hey can I ask you some questions about being a girlfriend of someone in the military

WOO HOO for fort lewis!!! That's where my man's from

Ft. Lewis sorry I was not even thinking when I wrote this I guess. LOL He is really hopen that is where he will be stationed. But where ever he goes I will be right there with him. Or atleast in the end I will be. Deployment sucked, but hey he was so worth the wait. But I am sure you ladies already feel the same way about you men.... I know when mine was oversea I would go days without hearing from him. I think the longest we went without talking was like 12 days while he was gone. And that was after he got hurt. This was like his 4th or 5th tour over there in all his time in the army.. So like I said anytime anyone need to talk I am here. Have a good night

washington? He is stationed at Ft. Lewis ( well or we can call it the dumb offical name.. Joint base Lewis Mcord) or is he in Washington DC? I really hope he doesnt have to go back overseas though!

Oh really? thats where my boyfriend is stationed at as well. Right now unfortuantely hes deployed in Iraq. He wont be home until August =/ But im just taking it one day at a time. Today was especially hard cause its valentines day and it sucks not having him home. Its our third years of Valentines and both our birthdays that he has missed due to being gone. Things were so much easier before he joined the army. But oh wellls he'll be home soon. I just hope hes okay. i cant imagine what it must be like over there. I havent even heard fro mhim at all today which sucks. iwas soo hopping to get a call from him :( But i guess ll just have ti wait nand see, maybe here form him tomorrow. i dont know. So how are you doing?