So my babe called me today… ya and I missed iit god damn iiitttt!!!! Ive been waiting over a month an a half for an I missed it!!! I just HADDDD to work !!! Grrrr!!!! I knew he was sad his mom left me a Voice mail telling me that he was sad damnn I felt sooo bad!! On Saturday I got a letter from him saying that he hasn’t gotten any letters that week..fcking hate that his DS dnt give him my mail I write everyday .. I got mad at him tho like on the real he knows better.. He knows that I write an wouldn’t miss a day hes wayyy over thinking… an I knw he has guys in his PLT that got already “Dear John” letters.. But he should be strong an claimly wait for my letters to get to him.. Ugh he knows better..

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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

Don't beat yourself up to much...we have all missed a call. I have missed more than one. You can only be sooo psycho about your phone. And yes, he should know better...deep down he knows you write him everyday and love him...but they f*** with their heads. Its hard. It is just as hard if not harder on the soldier being apart. If he is in training...He is surround by people who are training him not to break by trying to break him. Just remind him you love him and are proud of him. Keep writing him. Where is he? I write my hubby (Ft. Benning) everyday and he'll get them in clumps of10ish. It really depends on a lot of stuff but they don't always give mail. I am not too fond of DS's but I am grateful for them...they prepare our men for what they'll be doing...so whatever they are doing...I trust them.