True Love

Ok im new to this so it took me a while to post my story but i figured it out haha

this is my story

3 years ago i went on vacation. I was a junior in high school and me and my high school sweetheart were broken up at the time. He was about to leave for boot camp in the navy. we had been together 2 years

anyway back to the story i went on vacation. While i was on vacation i met this guy Myles. We talked every night while we were there then until i had to leave. When i left he got my number...

From then on we bacame best friends. We talked every single night. told each other everything. he truely knows EVERYTHING about me.

Then he met someone i got back together with my ex. I moved to florida and got married and he joined the army and move to kansas and got married.

we lost touch for about 6 months.

while i was still in florida i found him on facebook and we started talking again. I got pregnant but i lost the baby and his wife got pregnant. Me and my husband fought all the time and finally decided we needed a divorce.

I continued to talk to myles. he was my best friend. we had never talked about us as a couple or anything but i had seriously been in love with him since i met him. It was odd like a magnetic pull to him. I missed hm when we lost touch and i cried when i found him on facebook.

after a while well then he told me his marriage was horrible and they fought alot and he wanted a divorce.  She did too.

Then he asked me if i ever thought about how things would be different if we had gotting together i told him i thought about it everyday and he said i have been inlove with you for 3 years. and here i am. An army girlfriend.

We are still both going thru divorces and things are hard becasue of what i went thru and him having a baby but.. things are working out.

hes currently in Iraq and its bad but not to bad. I am able to talk to him everyday via the internet and he can call me from skype. soooo.... theres my story =)

I truely believe that we were meant to be and met for a reason and god gave us all the signs at the beginning but we took other routes and when god brought us back together we figured it out.

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Welcome! I am sorry to hear about all your struggles, but there is always that silver lining! best of Luck to you!<br />