Valentines Day

It is so funny how the most random thing will remind me of my bf and make me just break down crying.  Yesterday I happened to be watching an episode of celebrity rehab and one of the people on it had to put their dog down.  I know that this had a lot more to do with missing everything about my boyfriend than the dog, as well as seeing my roommate leave to go out on a date with her boyfriend.  About a week or two ago I happened to mention to my roommate that it is really starting to hit me that my man is deploying like literally right after I get to see him.  Her response was well you knew it was going to happen.  I just don't know how to tell someone that yes I may know that its going to happen, but you can never fully prepare yourself for this.  I also feel like I don't know who to talk to because I can just see them saying well you know what you were getting into when you started dating him.  So????  That does not make it any easier.  It doesn't help that she and her boyfriend have some in my opinion meaningless arguments, what I wouldn't give to see him whenever I wanted.  Sorry about the rant.

On a more positive note, I get to see him one more time before he leaves in a week.  I cannot wait!!!  I already have sooo many things planned over the two days I see him, including making him tons of food! He keeps joking I am going to fatten him up, but I just want to treat him because I know that the next few months are going to be extremely hard for him.  Again sorry about the rant, I just needed to get some of it out.

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its completely fine sweetie. and i totally understand the friend situation my friends dont undeerstand it either like we know it was going to happen oviously but it hurts. i totally understand how you feel. my marine is over seas right now in afghanistan and i just literally got off cam with him and it was sooo hard to make him go to sleep cause its like 2 or so in afghanistan and he didnt wanna get off. i miss him. and seeing him on there just makes me wish i could hug n kiss him so i hope u did fateen ur bf up before he left lol mine is gunna get alot of good home cookin when he gets home!

I completely agree with you. My bf just deployed too and i knew there was a chance when i started dating him but didnt think it would happen sinces hes been twice n only had a year left of the 8 yr contract...BUT it did and i can walk into a room think of him and burst out crying but other times i think of him and smile bc i know hes doing something good and am proud of him.

She doesn't get it and she won't unless she goes through the same situation so just ignore her ignorant comments and look forward to spending time with your man. He prolly treats you better anyways! Have fun and good luck!

Enjoy your time with him!<br />
Best of Luck Girl!<br />
We are all here for you!<br />

Nothing wrong with ranting it out, I have done it a ton of times when stuff like this has come up, better than bottling it up