Dont Know What To Do ....

well yesterday was not such a good day for me ..

me and my boyfriend got in a argument over something so stupid just thinking about it makes me mad! okay well heres what happend . at first everything was fine we were just talking and then i brought up something i wish i never brought up in the first place.... well one of his friends are getting a divorce and well the girl messaged me over myspace then she old me about the whole mess but i already knew about it because sam told me but i didnt want her to know that i knew so i just made it seem like i had no idea because its really not not for me to know. .. might i add that she cheated on her husband which is sams friend and he is also deployed with sam .... well anyway i told sam about me talking to her and that she told me about the divorce and he then asked me what did you tell her and i told him all i said was oh i'm sorry... and he got mad at me and told me i should of told her how wrong she was for doing what she did but just like i told him its not my place to say anything and its between them i have nothing to do with it ... so he went on and on and on about how messed up it was and that he cant believe i didnt tell her anything and then he told me im just gonna go bye ... so i got off the computer and a few minutes later i got a text from him saying i think we shouldnt talk for a few day .... wow i couldnt believe it!!!

so i was hoping he just needed time to cool down but i guess not because he didnt text me or call me or anything today... and when i checked my myspace today he was on as well and he didnt even talk to so i havent talked to him at all and i dont even know what this means and i just feel so blah I REALLY NEED HELP ON THIS ONE PLEASE!!!!

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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

I am sure things will work out! For some reason a lot of guys like to have a day to themselves when they get upset. It helps them chill out and think things over. Just give him time and let him know that you still love him. Leave him a message telling him how you really feel and he will come to you! Message me if you need anything out. I am going through the same kind of issues!<br />