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hi, so before my fiance left to basic he called me on his last day at reception and gave me his address..well its been over a week and i sent him about 4 letters.. well i received a letter from the army stating his graduation dates and apparently i somewhat wrote his address wrong..i wrote the platoon right, numbers and street. The only mistake was that i wrote INS instead of INF for infintry i must of misunderstood him while talkin to u think he will still receive my letters? i was off by jus one letter and the main address was correct..and not only that it also said depending on the platoon we had to place a dot on the front and bak of letter(mine is suppose to be blue dots) which i also did not put..what are my chances of him receiving my mail?? i feel horrible cause  he told me to write everyday and he is not receiving anything..i feel like their not big deals and they should get the letters but i heard at fort benning army they can be dicks an not give it to them cause they were not fully on correct. does anyone kno what the outcome can be??..and would they actually return the letters bak to me if they dont give it to him? cause it was for letters and alot was said and its sux to think those letters are gone for good!

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my soldier is at fort benning too! and the first couple of letters i mailed i messed up the address too, but the letters still got through to my bf. i'm sure your guy will still get your letters tho =]

and i forgot to add, you will get them back if they won't take them, I had a couple mailed back to me almost 2-3 months later, which sucks, but still gave them to him latter. :P Although he was already home.

my boyfriend just grad from benning and my first couple letters weren't right either (i had to color the corner red) and i didnt know when i first sent them but he recieved them any way. but they dont get their mail regularly its whenever they feel like giving it to them. so don't get too concerned if he hasn't got them all get he will eventually. if you ever need to talk just message me!

I wouldn't worry so much about not having the dots, it might just take a little longer to get to him and he might have to do push ups or something extra to get those letters. When my guy was at AIT I had to write a one with a circle around it on the back, and sometimes I forgot, but he would still get them, he would just get smoked a little for them. :/ But don't freak out bout that, He'd do anything for your letters. :)

My fiance is at benning as well. I don't think you should have a problem with your soldier getting your letters If your off by one letter it shouldn't be a big issue. They will prob just think its bad handwritting or something like that. As far as the dots go, I can't say I've heard anything about that, my soldier has been there since November and I've sent him letters every day but never doted anything. I think your soldier will more than likely get your letters. And just to warn you sometimes it takes a while before they get your mail b/c the base holds onto the mail for a little while. He'll more than likely get your letters in stacks of 2-15 letters depending on how long between mail days. So don't freak out if it seems like he has'nt gotten letters from you in a while. He'll get them all eventually and each one will mean the world to him :)