Wonderful Vday Weekend

Well ladies Friday I went with Greg to his place and we just hung out watching movies. Saturday we hung out half the day at his place since we couldnt go to his aunts she was sick..but then she still had alot of remodeling to do...so we went to the mall, got some food and really just enjoyed eachother's company. Sunday we woke up super early and exchanged vday gifts. he got me roses and my hersey's kissing bears I wanted!!!! then we went to another mall watched a dvd I had bought him. He loved the card. later on in the evening we went to Chilli's since there was a wait at Texas Land & Cattle and Saltgrass. We had some drinks also and we just went back to his place and relaxed. We stayed up til like 12 or 2 am most of the time were together. I so miss waking up to him by my side now and feeling his arms wrapped around me. I miss waking up and seeing him right next to me and getting kisses right when i wake up. After 4 days of being with him 24/7 my heart just aches to be away fro him. All in all I had a wonderful,amazing blissful romantic weekend with my sugar. I just feel disconnected with him not next to me now. We may try and go to his aunts this coming weekend. I miss him so much,hate being away from him, i know im going to see him soon though. This last 4 days have been so wonderful and we have gotten so much more close and connected with eachother.


Hooahkindoflove Hooahkindoflove
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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

ahhhh what an awesome weekend!!! sooo happy to hear how happy you are!!!