Hello Ladies(:

Well everything is going good over on my end, i hope everyone else is doing well with their soldiers. I found out on Valentines Day, my bf is going to Korea for 3 years, i don't know when he will be able to come home. I'm pretty confused, but theres not much i can do.. But i need some help from all of you, i want to send Brian, my bf, a really nice care package before he leaves in May. But the only problem is I'm so UN creative, if theres any ideas yall could give me i would LOVE it, i need something cute and creative maybe yall could tell me some of the things yall sent, maybe i could use some ideas of yours if you don't mind? Thank Yall(:


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great, great, great(; lol<br />
thank you.

sugar cookies do fine. my boyfriend is in Afghanistan and it takes weeks for him to get care packages but the cookies are still good so it'll be fine.

Yeah those are all great ideas(: but the only problem is with the cookies is it will take a coupla says to get out there so they might not be good. But i like the pillow case idea, thats really cute;D

aww I loveee creating cute care packages! you should get some pretty valentines day paper with hearts all over it and tape it to the inside of the box and fill it with his necessities. also I like to spray perfume on a pillowcase and send it to him occasionally. he really likes that one. and of course some cute heart shaped cookies (I make sugar cookies and get red gel and write sweet sayings on them) hope this helped!