Just 3 More Days...!

omg... just three more days until i'm in my soldier's arms! i'm so excited and nervous at the same time. i'm flying out to Fort Benning, GA so i'm hoping the plane ride there will give me a chance to calm my nerves. LOL. any suggestions ladies in how to keep my cool in front of him? haha. 

babytigerg85 babytigerg85
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6 Responses Feb 16, 2010

haha... ima tackle him too!!! <br />
<br />
i'm not sure what he's doing there at fort benn LMAO! all i know is he's there for training and he graduates march 19th. woot. when does ur soldier graduate brettb930?

I agree! No need to play it cool... he'll be just as excited, and seeing how happy & excited you are will make him vene more thrilled. <br />
BTW- my boyfriend is at Ft. Benning too, for OCS! What does your man do there?

WOOOOOOOOHOOOOO! go cRAZZZZYYY and tackle hiM! haha jk The best part is getting all anxious and letting your heart do somersaults! He'll be feeling the same way..even if he doesn't show it! you'll know exactly what to do when you see him...it will be exhilerating! Details Details when you get back!

so... jump on him and kiss him? haha... thanks ladies!

if you cry its cool..just bring tissues...and give him a nice kiss on the lips as soon as you spot him..girl i know you cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DON'T!!!! you run right up to that boy and you jump on him the second you see him!!!!