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Phones are down yet again on dannys base over in the sandbox and im starting to believe the internets down also ... havent talked to him in almost three days and im sure alot of you are saying ya thats nothing and your right ive read how many of you havent talked to your man in weeks, i know im lucky to hear from him almost everyday, thank god for him having bought a cell phone over there, but not hearing from him for almost three days is rough but i know ill hear from him as soon as the phones are up and things are back to normal again, i dont like not knowing if hes out on a mission or has the day off but hopefully ill hear from him some point in the middle of the night or tomorrow ... my fingers are crossed


But my point of this post is to get your girls thoughts on this....i was talking to an ex from awhile ago who told people i had died because he didnt want any kind of communication with me which was fine but i recently contacted him cause he owes me money for an ipod he wont give back, but some how we got into a conversation on what sex is in a relationship, he thinks really deeply, but he argues that sex is the key to love and without love you cant have desire and without desire there wont be sex and a relationship wont last. My arguement with him was sex doesnt fix everything thats broken, you have to be able to openly communicate with your loved one and know what the persons all about emotionally and as a person, without that you cant make the deep connection with your loved one, if its not there its just sex, its like a one night stand theres no care you just want it becaue that persons there for you, not true love to me.....whats your thoughts

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i totally understand the hating not known if hes ok ... danny usually calls before and after a mission if its possible to get the call in he has his own phone over there which i count my blessings for ... i know the phones yet again went dwn and didnt talk to him at all yesterday but they were up and i got to talk to him this morning ... its hard forsure while there having this many issues with the phones over there i just wish it would all work out that would be great <br />
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and i totally agree with you on your comments too ... that was a very valid point that i too made anyone can fufill someones need or desire for sex you have to have the emotional connection with a person to know its the right thing and its more then just sex

First id like to say that i too have not talked to my boyfriend in a few dayys. Not since before valentines. i was really starting to worry cause i didnt know if i was the only one dealing with that cause i know some girls that have talked to there boyfriend.But hopefully theyll have the phones up and working again soon. I hate not knowing if hes okay or not =/<br />
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And as for advice i also believe that when it comes to love communication comes first. you need to be able to be at an emotional level with the person to really love them. personally me and my boyfriend dont have the perfect relationship and sometimes have troubles communicating with one another but when it comes to being at an emotionall level with eachother we are right there. we have this chemistry that no one could ever tear apart. Whenever i need someone to talk to hes always there and the same on my end. Lately with the deployment it makes it hard sometimes to communicate but wee been getting better at that. When it comes to sex however, sex is just sex unless you are at that emotional level with the person when you actually love them and have that special bond with the person. its when you can look in their eyes and know at thtta right moment that in that exact second everything was right. that hes the guy you love and want to spend your life with. if youre jsut having sex with someone jsut to pass the time than all it is is sex,it has no meaning. You need that emotional connection, and being on eachothers level to be that worthwhile feeling like it is when you really love them. Thats just my opinion.