I will be boarding a plane at 12:50 PM at Midway to go to Nashville Tennessee, for Stephen to pick me up at the airport

and go back to base, I can't wait too see him. I'm definitely going to run and jump on him. :) I love him, oh so much.

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Yes he is! :) I see that your husband is in the 101st airborne I believe?<br />
1st infantry, he was the first group to go over to afghanistan? I know <br />
this because Stephen got his deployment date, where do they get deployed from?<br />
Base, or the airport? Because I want to go down there too see him off. :( <br />
I just really don't want to think about it.

is your guy at ft. campbell?? I just left there husband deployed :( sad sad/hard goodbye. But I hope you have a good time down there!

Yeahhh : ) I love Chicago. Are you from Chicago?

Are you from Chicago?