Two Weeks...

Ok, so my guy is home! Finally, and is leaving at the end of the month to start his 15 month tour.

Some good news, we just found out he's got more training so he gets to take a 4 day pass before he deploys. For Valentine's Day he bought me a $500 ring! It is super cute. He says he would propose but he wants to not be rushed and for it to be special. Also, I am getting a job as an apprentice in a hair salon at the end of these 2 weeks. For Mike's R&R he wants to go to Puerto Rico for a little vacation. There is an army base there so we are going to stay in army lodging and rent a car. Pretty exciting.

Some alright news, for Valentine's Day we were going to go get my ring, go to see "Dear John," and then go out to dinner were we had our first date. Well, as soon as he was in the car on his way home he calls his best friend. His friend was like "oh we were thinking about going to the go-kart track for valentine's day, because it is the only day I have off." So annoying. Everytime my guy comes home we go to the go-kart track for hours and hours. They are like professional go-karts that go like 45- 50 mph. Anyways, we went with Adrian and his wife to VA beach to go-kart, then the nice restaurant was  closed by the time we were done because the boys kept getting more and more races. Oh well, so much for romantic.

Some bad news, my guy is already in war mode. We watched the movie "The Hurtlocker" the second day he was home. If you don't know it is about an EOD in the army on a tour in Iraq. Mike's cousin was an EOD and died in April in Afghanistan with 2 weeks left on his deployment. It was definitely a good movie, but he is in this war mind set. We also watch "Brothers At War," a documentary about a guys who's brothers are in Iraq. Then, I was trying to watch T.V. while he is watching Taliban sniper videos online. The videos were horrible, one after the other of U.S. soldiers getting blown up and shot. I guess he is just changing already, and he hasn't even left yet.

Well, I guess I am trying to say, I am glad he is home that is for certain, but I wish he didn't start changing till after he left. I miss my Mike, the way he was. Just needed to vent a little bit. Good luck ladies! Hang in there!

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3 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Thanks ladies. I would take lots of pictures but he gets mad every time I try. Hence why we don't have one picture together. Haha. But yeah I am so happy he is home, just wish things were a little different.

well thats awesome he's home and you get to have him for a little bit. i also just saw the hurtlocker, that movie was pretty intense. but hang in there girly, your soldier may be changing to the war mentality but it sounds like he still feels the same about you which is what matters, especially if he got you a ring. awh...

yay im so happy he is home and got you a ring... sad that he is going to have to leave soon but take lots of pics girl.