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So I was hoping you ladies would like to help me out with this. Not only am I new to this site, but I'm also new to the whole army girlfriend thing. See, my current boyfriend was my best friend all my life. This past summer he graduated from basic training. At first I thought it was no big deal, but now that we're together I hate hearing him talk about leaving. He is supposed to be heading to Afghanistan in October. I'm scared to death! He's getting more and more nervous as October approaches. We're both too young for this. We're both eighteen. He will just be turning nineteen when he leaves, and shortly after I'll be nineteen. Everyday we spend together seems like and eternity. We never want the days to end. I'm scared for him to leave. How did you ladies do it? I mean, what should i expect? What kinds of feelings, how should i cope with it? I know it's eight months away, but still. It's coming up fast, way too fast. I hate not being around him, I want to spend as much time with him as possible before he leaves. This is short, choppy, and scattered. My next one will be better I promise.

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they said it all very well.. you have to live every day with him like it will be your last. never take one minute for granted. ask him everything you want to know about the army life since your new to it. I am also new to it.. my boyfriend just left for Afghanistan the beginning of January. I had no clue what it would be like or how I would react. I'll just be honest with you, it is like nothing you will ever go through in your life. I had no clue how hard it would be at first. My main thing is just trying to think positive and think about the times spent together before we left and how excited I am for when he comes home. Also I write letters often, it helps me and I know its an encouragement to him. I do anything and everything to let him know I'm supporting him. Make sure he knows before he leaves how you feel for him and that you'll be backing him up no matter what.

Im going to be completely honest no reason to sugar coat this. It's not going to be easy. There are no words to that can explain the feeling of when they leave. You feel like your world is falling apart and I cried so much till I thought I would have no tears left. It is so hard. BUT there is an upside to everything... You and him will become stronger.. People will not understand the love you will have for him. Get skype!!! You will be able to hear his voice and see him! It's different with me bc I got a three day notice andrew was leaving for Haiti. Spend every second together as if he leaves tomorrow, bc it will come fast and there will be things you wish you said. Take as many pictures as you can together... I have none because I thought Id have all the time in the world, but I didnt.... Time will fly bye.. it feels like he left yesterday but its almost been a month! You will become stronger.. You have us to talk to! Message me if you want..

My boyfriend left for Iraq in Aug and came home on leave in October and that's when we got really serious. The life of an army wife is very lonely and depressing, The first month is the hardest and seems the longest, but time goes by fast. Just keep yourself busy, and try to be as supportive to him as you can. It's hard for us to be strong for our men even when we feel like we're falling apart, but we have to be because we're their 'rock' so to speak. Good luck with everything, and if you need to talk, you can always message me!! :-)

its hard being a army girlfriend my boyfriend is deployed in iraq right now he left in october it was really hard the first two weeks i couldnt help but cry i missed him so much .. but after the first month of him being away it gets a little bit easier to cope with because after the first month or two he will be able to talk to you a little more and you soon get to start sending him packages... yall are going to have yalls up and downs.. but you just have to stay strong and be there for him you dont know how much he is going to need you to be there for him! you are going to get through it dont worry and the time apart is going to bring yall so much closer and age doesnt matter wither i know some girls that are also 18... i'm turning 20 next month and my boyfriend is going to be 22 and its still hard not being able to see each other it sucks but this is the life we wanted when we fell in love with a soldier... keep busy and if your feeling down just let it out on this site it really does help i dont know what i would do with out it... because it has gotten me though some really hard times! dont worry things will be okay if you ever want to talk im here for you girlie <br />

i am in the same boat. my boyfriend is leaving in august but starting next month he wont be around for me to see :( as i tell everyone else that has a military boyfriend is just hang in there and he will call or write letters when he has the chance. if you ever need anyone to talk to you can always message me on here and if its something that i can help with i will!<br />
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good luck to both you and your boyfriend!!