This Sucks!

So it's gettin harder and harder as the days go by. Things here at home are getting harder as well. I need my soldier more than ever. You never realize how much they do for you until they are gone. I'm starting to lose faith in myself. I can't be that strong person everyone tells me to be. I just wanna hide under a rock until i can be happy again. :(

41 days.

Luna4Lupo Luna4Lupo
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4 Responses Feb 17, 2010

we all know how you feel girl they said it perfect. it will never be easy but it will be worth it. i just try my hardest to think about how amazing it will be when he comes home instead of how much i miss him or how scared i am for him to be fighting.

I think we all go through that, especially at the beginning. We try so hard to be strong & keep our heads up, but like the other girls said, sometimes we gotta let it out. Sometimes our friends & family can't totally understand, but if you need girls who empathize & let you vent you have come to the right place. I have days where I dont even wanna get out of bed bc he isnt there next to me, but then some of the days get easier. Keep your chin up, cry when you want to cry, and remember to look at the big picture & the amazing life you could have together.

I completely feel you. it's been 3 weeks for me and it's getting harder and harder. It hits me every morning. I just balled up crying today, feels so empty. And not all the time we can be strong. just pray for god to give u strength. this is only the beginning for us, for the life that we choose. just be glad u get letters and u know what his doing. Me, I haven't got any Letters and I have no idea what he is going through.

Hmmm i feel like hiding under rocks myself at times lol <br />
But you're just human, you can't ALWAYS be strong. I tried being strong for a month straight and kept myself from crying and it backfired. For the past few days i've been feeling horrible..... there's just times that you need to let everything out. Give yourself a good cry and then go for a walk with your dog (if you have one). Some fresh air will definitely help, not only to calm yourself down, but to think things over and help you realize that you CAN do this :)