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Hi Ladies,

  Just wanted to give a little update and ask for prayers.... Sunday Feb 14th, 4:30 am, Paul can't sleep, says he's going to the bathroom, and colapses in the bedroom, was rushed to the hospital, where upon waiting for his specialist, contracted a HIGH FEVER. He went into surgery late last night, he has a major infection from his throat that has traveled to his lungs, he is in intensive care, and we are waiting for the fever to break, unfortunatley we are right back where we started 2 months ago....

     For those of you that are new to this page, my boyfriend & father of my children, was shot multiple times while serving his 4th tour in afghanistan on 12-31-09, we have been together for 16 yrs, and never in my life have I been this scared for him, I am at home right now, cause I needed to take a shower and gather my thoughts. I know most of you don't understand what im personally going thru, but I do know we all have compassion in hard times.... XoXo-Wendy

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The skin graft donor site isn't healing well. The doctors continue to treat is a very painful process for him. The site continues to bleed through the bandages. We will need to continue to be careful for infections now.

Well, Im exausted, and paul is still in ICU and back in a come, the infection has spread thru out his whole body, and the fever is lingering... All I got is FAITH right now, I havn't charged my phone in days, I'll give you a call tomorrow night around 7 or so.. It's been a crazy 2 months... XoXo-Wendy know i love you, girl. please keep me updated. i texted you but haven't heard back and i'm really hoping you're ok and Paul is ok. is he still in ICU? you're always on my mind. prayers are definitely going out to you guys. big hugs, hun. xoxo -Stella

I am sorry to hear this. I hope all is well and i will keep him your children and you in my prays. Keep your head up and think positive

OMG! As I read this tears came to my eyes. My prayers are most definately with you and your family. You're a very strong woman! I hope eveything gets better.

i am so sorry to hear about all this. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Paul had another minor surgical procedure. He had the IVC filter removed that was placed in his vein (in Afghanistan) to prevent blood clots. To get this out the docs went through a large vein in his went in through his groin. Today we find out the host site of his skin graft isn't healing well.

you and your family are in my prayers hun! I can't being to know what you are going through, but i hope for the best for you and your soldier! You are unbelievably strong and I hope everything goes well. Take care, stay strong, lots of love!

I can't even begin to understand what you must be going through. I am so sorry for you & your family. Stay strong! xo

Oh my gosh, I am sooo sorry for what you are going through. I can't imagine. I'll say a prayer for you and your family. BIG HUGS and be strong!

I AM SO SORRY! You and your family are in my prayers tonight. The last thing my boyfriend told me before he left for haiti was to have faith. So I am telling you Have Faith that things will be okay. God will help you get threw this. I when I am at church Sunday I will ask the church to pray for your husband...

immmm soooo sorry hun!! i really really hope that everything goes right an he will be okay my prayers are with you an your family!!! xoxo brit