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So, as you all know, a lot of girls have some fantasy about being with a soldier, how it seems so cool to them and how it seems so romantic. this especially was noticeable to me after dear john came out and so many girls in the theater were like i want a soldier! we all know its not as easy as it looks. people overlook the real life of an army girlfriend, wife, mother, father, etc. Well, this girl that has found an interest in my soldiers and my relationship since we met, saw dear john and asked if she could interview me and my mans mom for a paper she wanted to write. she was asked to write a paper for her comp class and it is an investigation paper. her topic/title is called True Life - the true story behind a soldier's loved ones. She is planning on giving details about the movie and the typical stereotypes of what girls think loving a soldier is and showing how incorrect it all is. so tonight we sat down with my mans mom and she gave all the feelings she gets and gave great details and stories and we both broke down and cried while my friend continued with questions, and later on asked me my questions about how it is for me as the girlfriend. i have never felt so proud of my man as i did tonight, i love this girl to death she is such a sweetheart, and finally a civilian girl that understands that she also doesn't really know what goes on. she said she learned sooo much and has sooo much more respect for what we do as well as our men's families. i can't wait to see how this paper turns out. just thought i'd share my story/night with everyone and for ya'll to know that my college-well atleast her classroom will now see some of what we go through even though we all know and my friend knows that no one will ever REALLY know. i love ya'll and hope ya'll are doing well! Army Strong girls! HOOAH

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yeah you def need to get that on here! that so great. i always get down because no one understands the responsibility and hardships we have to face im glad she did that. and hopefully her paper will show some people what its really like.

That is awesome.... Maybe someone of them well see how we all feel and maybe be a little more kinder in what they say...... Things are going well on mine and my soldiers end. Hope all is going well for you and have a great weekend

yah my man's mom was like omg im so happy someone cares enough to look into something like that. i can't wait till it's done. i showed her this website and she said i can put her paper up here when its done so i will be sure to put it up after its graded!!! =] this girl is an amazing girl, she really looks up to what we do for real

That is amazing! Would your friend be interested at all in sharing her paper on this site? I'd love to read it and I'm sure a lot of other girls here would too. I don't even know this girl but I think she's awesome for doing this!