Tell Me That Im Not Crazy...

just a warning this may be long..

so lastnight me n my bf got into a fight... im a sarcastic person and he knows this very well.. last night we were talking and i started talking about the olympic hockey teams [im a HUGE pens hockey fan] and how i couldnt wait for the russia canada match up [crosby and malkin are like the top 2 players for the pens and now on opposite teams, purely amazing] and he said we could go to a hockey game together, and im like of course we are, you know thats how i wanna be proposed to.... he didnt say anything for like half an hour i was sorta annoyed but not rly, he was like 'hey whats up' i said nothing whatcha up to, he was playing video games on the comp. i did a -facepalm- you and your games, and in my mind it wasnt in a bad way it was a joking way but he took it the wrong way -_- i swear sometimes i wish i could just keep my mouth shut, then hell get mad at me for not talking.

but anyways the point of this post...durring our rly stupid long fight last night he said the most painful thing ever... he said something along the lines of "maybe you just wanna be arm candy for a soldier"  i was speachless, heartbroken he would even think that and compleatly pissed and wanted to break his nose, yes i know alot of ppl in the military, i went to a military school for goodness sakes i know ppl in every branch, i know ppl at west point and vma, and yes i have dated a few of em n met alot of their buddies, none of that means im a tag chaser.. i simply dont get along with most civis, i have a sarcastic sometimes cold personality and say/do things most civis wouldnt understand.... and he knows damn well that b4 i met him i had sworn off relationships esp. with military guys cuz i was set on joining and going active... now im going reserves and it kills me, honestly i do question our relationship at times hes the sweetest man i know but were so different that sometimes idk if we'll make it

idk, iv just decided that i cant make him the center of my life, i have to put myself, my happyness, future and life first...... just someone tell me im not crazy or over reacting...

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I'm not going to say anything but I wanted to join the coast guard and gave it up for my man and we are super different but I love him and he loves me and opposites attract sometimes. All I will tell you is follow your heart and it will make you happy don't listen to your brain!