And Then Everything Comes Crashing Down

I found out today that Dan wont be coming home in March for R and R. im so upset and angry. I know he has no control over this situation, but im so sick of this army bull. how are we supposed to work on our relationship if i havent seen him in 7 months, and i may not seem him again   for another five?

Im so tired of waiting around and putting my life on hold


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2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Islandgirl is right. Don't put your life on hold. Focus on reaching your goals inlife for now while his gone. It's not easy, i know. i'm engaged with my soldier and right now his still in bct. It's hard because my life is evolve around him. but Im trying to concentrate for myself for now. but also, tell him what you think or feel and also ask him for his opinion. Be strong and don't give up. it will work out as long as you guys want it to work no matter how far you guys from each other and how long you haven't see each other. pray always. It will help you. Trust me.

it is okay girl... I know its super hard. I just think how happy you will be when he walks off that field.. but dont put ur life on hold... he is ur boyfriend... Go on living ur life just be faithful.. I kinda laughed today because having my man deployed means im more focused on school. Dont get me wrong I'd trade any day to spend laying next to him laughing again. but find something to keep u busy!!! if u ever need to talk write me