So Many Thoughts...

Well I havent spoken to my boyfriend in four weeks tomorrow. For those who do not know he was deployed to haiti Jan 23 after being told four days before. He asked me if I'd be here when he got home and I said yes. Well from talking to some of the other women with men in his unit they have received phone calls and such. but why not me. Am I not special to him or does he just not care about me any more. Any who I joined his company's facebook page and I get to read all the updates and such. Well this morning they updated with this story: 

It has been super hard not hearing from him. I do not know if I am cut out for this type of relationship. Any of you women have any advice. 

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3 Responses Feb 19, 2010

i wouldent worry he probly got alot on ore dont rember your number i can rember my gf number plus if your that worryd why not ask the other wimin to ask there men to ask your man to phone you up

You can't think like that when you're in any kind of military relationship. I was very insecure before my relationship now but you have to learn not to think that way. He is very busy over there and I'm sure after he gets done working he is tired. You don't know how many of them have called home and I know your not the only one that hasn't gotten a call. Just try to think positive and hope for the call.

I'm sorry hun. I'm sure he's just busy, hasn't had time to call or write. I wouldn't worry too much, don't get down. Give it a few more days. I'm sure it'll work out. Why else would he ask if you'd be there when he got back? For ***** and giggles? I think not. Keep your head up.<br />
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-Shayna Renee