A Huge Wrench In Things.

So i got a letter the other day from my soldier that said he talked to his commander about graduation. His commander said that we are aloud to take him to his AIT station. Oh Em Gee. That's a huge change from what i knew a week ago. Now we have to think about 30909898776 different things. 2 separate flights, a car rental, another night in a hotel.....oh my goodness! And his father still hasn't called me back! This isn't good. But on the bright side, its a month and nine days until i can see my husband to be. :D

Luna4Lupo Luna4Lupo
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1 Response Feb 19, 2010

That's good.military makes everything complicated. they do what's best for them. not for the soldier. Not for the soldiers family iether. Just work on whatever you have. atleast you'll get to see him soon.