Can't Get The Information

my boyfriend is suppost to be graduating soon from basic training in fort benning, but i cant find out the info. and i havent heard from him since last saturday im still waiting on this letter. does anyone know how i can find out the day he graduates by next week?

armygirlfriend01 armygirlfriend01
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4 Responses Feb 19, 2010

would you by chance know how i could get to the wedsite?

thank you very much. i got told it was on march 12th. i hope i find out soon.

the number is also on the ft benning website in the basic training page.

His graduation wouldn't happen to be on March 12th? If it is then we're in the same boat cuz my fiance is graduating that day as well. The best way to find out is to call the office in fort benning. I don't know if you have that number or not but whoever he chose as his main contact person should have gotten a letter with a number to call. If you don't have that then maybe go to a recruiting station nearby your house and explain your situation to them and I'm sure they could find you a # to call.