Fort Jackson?

My boyfriend just arrived to Fort Jackson today to stat AIT. He finished basic this week at For Sill. Does anyone know how strict they are there? Will he get his phone the whole time?

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Mine doesn't start AIT until March 1st.. i think.. and so far i haven't heard from him since he graduated BCT on Friday.. :( i hate not knowing what the crap is going on but im hoping that once he gets started that i will hear from him soon :) He is there for 10 weeks..

Thank you :) Im sorry to hear that you've only gotten 2 phone calls. :( I'm new to this website.. But I've been reading these stories and most of all of you don't get phone calls during basic, or get short ones, or not very often.. I got phone calls every single sunday for at least 2 hours so I feel very lucky. But let me know how's he's doing there. :)

I've gotten two phone calls from my soldier who is there for BCT and he started 1.28.10<br />
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AIT is usually more lenient, so everything will be fine. =)

He's only there for 8 weeks. He has an easy MOS. :) Human Resources. He's just doing reserves, then going to college while doing ROTC and then he'll have to go active after that. And I'm glad its a nicer base. :) I hated Fort Sill! I never want to go back to Oklahoma. :)

It depends completely on how long his AIT is. If it is longer than 20 weeks, they sometimes get their cell phones, computer time, and can leave base on the weekends at most bases. And off all the bases, Ft. Jackson is the most lenient. They don't call it Relaxin' Jackson for nothing haha. I'm headed to basic there in the fall, and even during basic they let the recruits use their phones on the weekends if the recruit is doing well. Find out what his MOS will be and I could probably tell you a little more. And FYI, Ft. Jackson is one of the nicer bases... =)

i'm not sure but try looking up the base's site on the internet and that should help. :)