Missing My Love

I am new to this thing I need to talk to some one that nows what im goin through. Kevin and I meet through my friend when I moved in with her. we started haning out and talking on the phone became friends after 3 months of haning out he aksed me out I went to my friend becuase thay had dated and asked her if we could date she sed yes he did the same thing and she sed yes again so on july 27 we started dating. A few weeks later every time i told some one about him she would throw in and he is my exboyfrien after a month of this I asked her y she dues that and she told me she still loves him I was crushed i had come to like him so much but  this was one of my close friends we grew up together so I told her I would brake up with him I was not going to let a man come between us but she sed no you to are together now so I thought everything was good it was for a few weeks then it stalkted again but I ignored it for a month  by then it just got to be to much and I was not going to brake up with him now I had fallen in love with him and she would not stoping so I moved out then he shiped out a week after I moved out he was gon for 3 months and now thay r making him stay a nother 3 or 4 months its so hard some times I dont no what to do his sister and I hang out a lot and his mom calls me some times but that still duess not help at night when all I can do is think of him coming home we had spent every day together befor he left and he would call me every night befor bed he still calls me every night befor bed but its not the same but I gues its beder then nothing. I just miss him so much I try not to cry when im on the phone with him it makes him feel bad.

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1 Response Feb 21, 2010

Hey :) just stay strong it will get better. Just remember every night without him brings you another day closer to being with him again. It helps me sleep at night. and its not a bad thing to cry but also be happy that you have someone so awesome to miss. we usually look to the sad parts of this but distance makes or breaks a relationship and from the sounds of it, its making yours :) you'll cherish all those times together a lot more