Where To Go From Here?

Well as things seem like they are getting better they just fall right back apart again.  His parents as well have had enough of him and the way he treats me. They decided it was time for them to step up in take part in the situation.  Hopefully it works i have tried everything adn anything.  We got into a hige fight wednesday and didnt talk til friday night.  Even then i had nothing to say to him i felt like it was going to be over and i wanted nothing to do with him i was so mad.  He still has a attitude with me and argues all the time i can say i have had it and so can he but he always starts. it s like he doesnt want to end it but he us trying to push me to then one minute he acts like he is completely in love with me.  We decided recently to combine r money.  I have his bank card already but we never combined it.  Right now i am scared to.  He went out and i just found out spent like $700 on himself on clothes, sneakers, everything.  He wouldnt evenlet me go out and buy myself anyhting not a thing. he told me he cant afford me i was to much and wanted to much when all i wanted one thing. Like really i had no idea what to say to him.  I need help and i need advice.  I cant keep fighting anymore next time i am just going to give up and give in.  I have worn myself down and i am completely drained physically and emotional.  I have not slept nothing.  I just dont know what else i can do anymore.  I let him go wednesday night and prety much in a way said i was done and i could not deal with this anymore and then friday he called me wanting to work things out.  So its not like he doesnt want to,  I hope his dad calling him today helps in some kind of way.

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DUMP THE *******...

thanks everybdy for the help...i told him off and told him i cant deal with this

LEAVE HIM. He has a f?#@$% up attitude and he has no idea how to treat a lady. He needs a serious reality check and some mental help as well. That isnt fair to you. anyways, I probally was no help. Good luck!

i have tried everything that i could. I love him with all of my heart but i think it is coming to a end hte way he treats me is getting out of hands

I also think you need to move on. You've have given him so many different tries and things seem to get better only to fall apart. It doesn't sound to me like either one of you is really benefiting from the relationship since it's so unhealthy. I know breaking up sucks and it can be one of the worst things a person goes through, but I think you will be much better off without him. The part about the money situation really upsets me, that is definitely not the way your finances should be handled. I know you could find a man that treats you sooo much better and in a way that you deserve. I wish you luck, and hopefully everything works out in the best possible way for you!!

Girl you need to move on. I was with my ex for two and a half years. We lived together for two of those years. Things we perfect in the beginning and just amazing. Then things started to fall apart and he started to be emotional and mentally abusive. I did not know how to leave him bc of the ties he has. I did not know what to do. I know exactly how you feel! But the day I said I had enough and left him!!!!!! It was the best feeling in the world to wake up and not have a fight. No cross words, no yelling, no being told I was worthless, and so on. It was just perfect. But it got lonely, but I kept going bc I never wanted to feel so small again. Its hard to keep going some days, but then there are the days you think about how it used to be when you were told you were nothing by someone who would tell u they loved you. Men do not change believe me. I gave my ex 7 different chances to show me he could change and he never did. I hope you have the courage to leave like I did. Message me if you need anything!