Can't Visit? :(

I found out last week, in a letter from my boyfriend, that he has a a day or two off, over easter. He is at ft benning right now for the combined basic and ait training, and so i haven't seen him for over 3 weeks now. It also just so happens that his birthday is easter, so this would be an amazing time for me to go visit him! But, the prices for airfare are so expensive! They range from like $300-$500 and i don't have that kind of money! So i don't know what to do. Thats the only thing right now that is stopping me from buying a ticket to go see him, but i've searched everywhere and can't find a cheaper way to get there. I really want to see him so bad though! If i miss this i'll have to wait until the middle of May! And then i'll only get to see him for maybe a week before i'm leaving for study abroad. I don't know what to do! Can someone please give me some advice? :(

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actually that has been where i am looking, but do to the dates and everything the prices aren't much different than on other sites. :/

I don't know if you are a student, but if you are is a good site to visit. I took a trip to europe, and it cut the cost of my ticket in like half, although I was also shopping way ahead of time. Just a suggestion. Good luck, hope you can find a way to work it out

thanks. :) i haven't tried grayhound b/c i have school on friday and monday, so i don't really have the time to take the bus unless its over night. but i am gunna try to see if maybe he can lend me the money.

you could drive if you have the time and the money for gas...maybe he could loan you the money? this idea would not work if this is supposed to be a surprise though haha. my husband did osut at benning too and i i live in california. i agree the rates are ridiculous. he graduated around christmas so they were even higher. like 900 bucks, so i didnt get to see him the whole time =[ good luck i hope you find a way to see him.

Did you try greyhound bus? It is incovient and takes FOREVER but it is WAY cheaper...

Did you try greyhound bus? It is incovient and takes FOREVER but it is WAY cheaper...