Sad To See Him Leave

Well my man is leaving for Ft. Carson on Wed. and I'm such a mess right now.  We have only been together 4months but during those 4 months we have pretty much seen each other everyday. My mom said to me yesterday "Boy I don't know what your gonna do when he leaves" and I said "I have plenty to do while he is gone" but in the back of my mind I'm thinking "Ok what are you gonna do on your down time".  The down time is what's gonna get to me the most. Yesterday, we just cuddled and watched TV and it was the weirdest time I've ever had with him. lol I would just catch him staring at me and he does it sometimes but not as much as he did yesterday. I asked him why are you staring at me so much and he just said what I can't look at you. I thought it was cute, but at the same time it seems to me the distance that's about to come betweeen us is getting to him already.  I don't know how you ladies do it, but I am sure to find out very soon.  

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I can't thank you girls enough. You guys rock! No, my bf isn't in signal corps. I don't know much about the army and I totally forgot what position or what he is gonna be doing. One of my girlfriends surprised me BIG time this morning. She called me and said "I know your gonna be going through alot with your man leaving tomorrow so why don't we head down to NC for a basketball tournament". I was soooooo shocked! This couldn't come at a better time cause I just knew I would be in the house crying my eyes out. Thanks for all the advise ladies! I will be in touch very soon. Good Luck to you all!

My boyfriend says that same thing to me girly! :D All the girls on this site are here for you, and they have lots of good ideas to do during your downtime! For me, I usually catch up on homework (ocassionally). But, spending time with my friends seems to help a lot. :D Although, you will find that a lot of the time they don't really understand what you are going through and they simply can't understand. That's why this site is so amazing! When my boyfriend first left I spent tons of time on here! And I'm finally starting to get on more! I forgot how much I missed it! I also like to scrapbook on my down-time or read. I hope some of these things help you. This down time is also a good time to learn more about the army and what your man is going through. I am always here for you girly, and feel free to message me anytime! I get on quite a bit and just e-mail back and forth with some of the girls! It's a good way to pass time and help others! Good luck girly!

Thank you ladies!!! I love this site because my girlfriends don't have a clue what I'm going through. They think I'm crazy for still wanting to hold on to this relationship.

It's definitely not an easy thing. My boyfriend left for Basic about 6 weeks ago, and it's still not easy for me. We had already been doing the long distance thing, so that was good for me because I was already used to not spending my time with him, and I didn't have to worry about filling so much of my time with other things. But I definitely still had to keep myself busy to keep from thinking about how much I missed him. And it's still weird getting used to not talking to him every day like I used to. It's definitely one of the hardest things I've had to do, I'm not gonna lie. But since you're with him now, spend as much time as you can together in these last couple of days before he leaves. You don't have to do anything special, just enjoy each other's company as much as you can. You'll really appreciate that time together when he leaves. It will definitely be hard when he leaves, but you'll get into the swing of your new life without him being there. And it always helps to be able to talk to girls who have been through the same thing, so if you have any questions or anything, I'm here!!