And The Mailman Hasn't Failed Me Yet!

I was concerned because my boyfriend had yet to receive my package which contained all the letters I wrote and a journal tor him and, even in his letter(before the one I received today), he mentioned not having received any of mine...but, finally, today I got a letter saying he finally received them and he was relieved that I was taking everything a lot better than how he thought I would.

YakuDarling YakuDarling
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2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Ohhh yay girlies! :D I am so happy for you!!!

i got my first letters today saying the same thing! i was worried that the ds or someone had been keeping his mail from him or something. but i'm just happy that he got them, whatever the reason for the delay. i happy for you too that your boyfriend has finally recieved all your love-filled letters. and i know that they will make him so happy to hear from you and know how you're doing. :)