My Weekend With My Sugar. back at home after a wonderful weekend with my sugar. Friday we went and got Italian..t was really good!!!! Saturday we left and went to Liberty and just kinda hung out there with his aunt and her kids. We watched 3 movies back to back..the unborn, the uninvited, and Prom night..scary scary suspense!!!!!Sunday we left and went down to beaumont and saw shutter island it was really really good.It was me,him and his cousin which was real cool. On the way back to Liberty that night it was hella just so glad we got home safely. today we woke up packed up and left Liberty :( we went back to his place and  watched Lakeview Terrace..i really really liked that movie...and just hung out enjoying eachother''s company. he dropped me off at home and when he was getting ready to go my mom says i might as well give you a hug since you are like a son in law to me it was so sweet and made me feel like maybe she is coming around to me and him..and for him of course it just made he smile from ear to was so cute.


Well that was my weekend ladies..hope all is well with you ladies.kend

Hooahkindoflove Hooahkindoflove
22-25, F
Feb 22, 2010