Emotional Rollercoaster! Help!

hey girls! i dont post very often on here but heres my scoop for now!... i have been feeling like an emotional mess lately! its hard for me to put my finger on what the real source of it is! i just been feeling unhappy, depressed, anxious, and sad, and moody.... it seems like nothing is never good enough for me! I get to see my soldier in 43 more days in april for his two week r & r! yes im excited but at the same time i still am not happy lately! its like we go from happy one week to arguing about stupid **** the next... its already hard enough he is overseas!!! and trust me time is a *****! the thing with my man is that sometimes i feel like i cant get nothing right with us.... i found out that from talking to him is that he doesnt always tell me when he is having a bad day and sometimes i just get in the way... we talked about this earlier of how we need to communicate better instead of bringing eachother down... ok great... but then later tonight he was on skype... so i logged on and then he messaged me saying hey and that he was fixing to go to sleep... it just dissapointed me bcus i thought maybe he would video call me or something... its like everything has been dissapointing me lately.... i mean he is a great guy and we have grown tremendously in our relationship since the past 6 months apart! we talk just about everyday! another thing i found dissapointing is that he deleted his facebook about three weeks ago becus he said its unhealthy and time consuming... so ive been trying to be cool with that as well! IM JUST TIRED OF FEELING EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE WITH HIM! i dont want to ruin our relationship from my insecurities... I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT NORMAL IS IN A RELATIONSHIP RIGHT NOW!!! SOMETIMES I JUST FEEL LIKE I SHOULD LET HIM COME TO ME BUT HE TOLD ME HE WANTS ME TO DO SOME WORK TOO.... well girls i cant tell if my emotional instability is from me being insecure or anxious... or if its really from our relationship making me feel like that...we love eachother like crazy and have future plans together... i just want to be happy and b secure but its like everything worries me and nothing is good enough!  i need help girls figuring out whats normal i guess.....do i need to just relax and go with the flow? do i need to stop being an emotional rollercoaster? i dont know what to do !!!! in six more weeks ill be able to touch him and hold him and kiss him!!! i need to get myself on track before i self destruct ladies!!! advice plz!!! another thing i feel insecure like maybe he is talking to another girl on skype or something but i dont c why he would or how hed have time... i dont know why i think like this.... help!!! and i dont know if it has anything to do with it but i just started taking a new birth control pill after being off of it for a while... loestrin24...

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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

omg girl i am having the same problems actually.everything that u said ur bf is doin is wat mine is doin to...i guess they all do that...ughhhhhhhhhhh i want to cry sometimes