I Miss My Boyfriend

My boyfriend has been over in iraq for 5 months now goin on 6..we have been together for almost a year now and i miss him so much..we have been having alot of problems latelly cause he is getting stressed out and he is being distant to me..it makes me sad and i feel like i want to cry sometimes but i try my hardest to hold my cool..i really love him alot and cant wait for him to come home soon...i just wish my friends and fam would understand the only one that understands is my sis in law cause she is married to my brother who is in the navy..but we dont talk much..

iloveadam iloveadam
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3 Responses Feb 23, 2010

I'm sorry to hear that things are hard for you right now girly. :[ I am sure things will work themselves out! My best advise is to just let him know that you are there to support him, but try and give him the space he needs. Good luck girly! Feel free to message me anytime!

thank u so much for talking to me..yea it is very hard but i love him so much....

well i have a bf in the army also and he is away right now..I am barely making 2 weeks so I know its hard for you......They do get distant thats to toughen themselves