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Hey there ladies :)

its been awhile but i got busy there for a little bit with packing and planning things to go to Basic Training Graduation :) Which I just recently attended on the 18th and 19th !!! It was AMAZING! Just a huge relief that the first part of all this is over with.. He tells me that things will be easier from here on out. I want to believe him more than anything, but another part of me knows not to get my hopes up. Those 2 days with him were a rollercoaster of emotions for the both of us... I cried because he cried and he cried because i cried, we smiled, laughed, and cried some more... I have known it all along, but sitting there watching him march in graduation and then seeing him afterwards and just being in his arms, I REALLY AND TRULY realized that i want to be with this man for the rest of my life. He loves me more than anyone ever has, and i can tell that he is ready for all this to be over so that we can be together again. Its a great feeling. The goodbye on Friday was bittersweet. I cried.. ALOT and he did too. He promised it would get easier in AIT and Airborne school.. so im gonna hold him to his promise but keep my hopes to a minimum. He said that he will have more phone privileges and maybe even weekend passes... Hello South Carolina :) haha ... Its been rough since Saturday morning, that was the last time i talked to him :( havent had any phone calls or letters.. So im just waiting, like always... Its hard and it hurts.... BAD, but i dont mind.... i have sadly learned how to cope with goodbyes and learned how to keep myself occupied so i dont get so down in the dumps.. It kinda works until i lay down at night and realize that he STILL is gone and nothing is really going to change that for awhile.. So i just pray for him and me and US until i fall asleep... Hope all you ladies are doing well..

Is anyones soldier at or was at AIT in Fort JAckson, SC???? ANY info would help :)



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I know how you feel. My boyfriend is in Basic at Fort Knox right now, and we're still in the first stage of this whole military relationship thing. I'm going to his family weekend in March, and I expect that that weekend will be much like you described yours...except his parents will be there too so I don't know how much time I'll get to spend with him:( I know what you mean about keeping yourself busy and being ok until you lay down to go to sleep. I make myself so busy all day so that I hopefully won't have time to think about how much I truly miss him and then get all sad...but it never fails, when I lay down to go to sleep and everything's quiet and I'm all alone, my mind starts racing a million miles an hour and that's when it gets really hard. You'll make it though! It's good that this time apart has shown you how much you truly want to be with him, so you know you're willing to go through anything to make that happen. Unfortunately, that "anything" is really difficult, and the not fun part of being an army girlfriend. I'm just starting to find all this out, and I hope that it gets easier as time goes on! Hopefully this really is the most difficult time. Praying for ya! You're strong, you can get through this!


I just went to my boyfriends graduation on the 18 and 19! Where was yours? Mine was at fort sill and now he's at fort Jackson so I bet they started air on the same day!

Hey girly. :D For some couples, AIT is easier. And for others it is harder. I think it more or less depends on how your guy deals with stress. My boyfriend is a Combat Medic and when he went to AIT things were good for a while, but quickly went downhill. I think a large part of it was I was starting my first year of college and he was in his training, so we were both pretty stressed out. :/ My best advise is to not push him for information on what's going on during his day. He'll come to you with the things he wants to tell you. Also, give him the space he needs. Because sometimes they tend to need a lot. :[ Good luck girly! And I am sure things will be good between the two of you!!! If yah need anything, feel free to message me ANYTIME!