Just A Couple More Months To Go

I'm looking to talk to someone who could relate to me, or who could just understand. I know I would feel better if I found other people on here who could relate... and I would really appreciate it.

I'm 17 years old, and my boyfriend is 18. He left for the Army National Guard boot camp a month ago.

He's in South Carolina, and he's being shipped over to Virginia after a couple months for AIT.

When he left, I wasn't expecting to hear from him for a couple of weeks, because from what I've heard from people that's when you can start expecting a letter. But 3 days after he left, I got a phone call from him. He was in the hospital because he couldn't walk. I forgot what it was called, but from him being sick before he went, and standing up for 13 hours straight when he got there, his legs swelled up and they sent him back to Fort Jackson. I could only talk to him for about 6 minutes, but he said he would be there for a while so he could hopefully call me soon.

He called me over a week later, and we talked for about 10 minutes.. and then he called me a couple days after on Valentines Day.

He told me that he would probably be going back to Basic Training soon, which is what he wanted because then he could come back around the time he thought he was going to. He told me that he actually had written me a letter the day before and mailed it out, so I should be getting it soon. But I wouldn't be able to reply to it. I would have to wait until he goes back to Basic Training and he gets to send another that I can reply to.

I haven't talked to him since then, but I received his letter. One thing that makes me nervous is that he mispelled one letter in my street address.. everything else is correct. And I'm obviously so glad that I still got it.. but I'm hoping that it was only a mistake for this letter, and not for the next that I can reply to because I'm nervous that there might be a chance of me not getting it and there's no way of me telling him.

I think about him every day, and I can't wait until the day he comes home.

He's not going to be home until another 4 months... he's going to miss my high school graduation, senior prom, and 18th birthday, but I cannot wait until the day he gets to come home.

I know that the letter is what I can hope for in the next couple of weeks, but is there anything else that people from experience could let me know?

I sobbed in my room by myself when he first left, but now I've been doing better.. I just think of every passing day as another day closer to when he gets to come home.

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Girl I know exactly what you're going through! My boyfriend is in the reserves and left a few months ago, and I was 17 and he was 18. He missed my 18th birthday and he'll miss my senior prom and graduation. It's hard. Message me to talk!

i can relate to you so much cause im a senior now and my boyfriend is missing everything to form graduation to prom. and i know if he could he would make everything. he is at fort jackson and been there for 4 weeks now, which kinda went by fast. i probably wont see him til july when he done with BCT and AIT. i only got two letters so far and i sent like 15. the only time i got to talk to was the first week there and valentines day which made my day lol. but overall i learn to deal with him being away and school does keep you busy. it hard and i miss him like crazy. but you can message me if you like since were kinda going through the same thing at the time. im still new to this but im still willing to help. im keionna by the way

It sounds like you have the right mind-set girly! Which is very important. I am so sorry to hear your guy ended up in the hospital but I am really greatful that he's okay and is going to go back into training! That's awsome! :D It sucks he'll miss a lot, but in the end it really all is worth it! I am sure his letters will get to you but when you finally get his address, maybe you could tell him how to spell the street address! Then there wouldn't be any confusion and you wouldn't worry about it! When my boyfriend was in Basic at Ft. Benning he got to occassionally call on Sundays! Feel free to message me with any questions you have or anything! I am here to support you! Good luck giry!

hey how are you? I can relate to what you are saying in some ways. When my guy left for basic i was 17 as well and a senior in high school. He missed everything graduation, senior ball, my birthday, it was hard but i knew he was there with me. I sent him pictures from all the events and letters to go with them and enjoyed it. Being in school makes the time go by so much faster before you know it he will be home. Please feel free to message me anytime