Im Giving Up, Throwing The Towel In, And About To Walk Away.

I'm done I cant do this anymore. I haven't spoken to my boyfriend in a month.  The other guys in his unit Facebook their girlfriends almost everyday and I haven't gotten ****. He told me to have faith. What the hell am I supposed to have faith in. Im done... My heart break every day more and more. I care so much about him, but its as if he doesnt care anymore about me. He promised never to break my heart and yet he is. Every time I think I find a good man he turns out to break my heart. I just do not know what to do anymore. Im so lost... Everyone (civis) told me not to do this and to walk away... I should've listened... Im balling writing this... I finally thought I found the man of my dreams, but I guess not....

22-25, F
4 Responses Feb 23, 2010

one of my friends is in savannah and his girlfriend rarely ever hears from him either. yet his best friend talks to us alllll the time when he gets the chance. some guys handle things differently and some get other privelages. it's hard i know and i know you wanna give up,, she wants to as well but she knows he's either busy or just doesn't have the strength to talk - a lot of times it makes him miss her more he handles things way different. and ya never know he might just be exhausted. it sucks and i'd be hurt in your position too. my bf is deployed and the longest i've gone was like 2 weeks and it sucked but i understand your position. hang in there girl, think of the great things about your relationship - how proud you are of him - how strong of a girl you are for being an army girlfriend - how much you've probably grown because you are handling this. message me if you ever need anything for real

It sucks so much. No I've never met his family bc they are in Wyoming and we are here in Savannah. I just do not know. I cried so much last night I left my house and went to my best friends. I walked in a emotional wreck and her boyfriend was there plus her roommate. They were really supportive and talked with me. I think its best if I just move on, I'm not cut out for this any more. I thought coming from a military family this would be a walk in the park, but I was so wrong.....I have dated military before and it was fine. Last night I dreamed of him so much last night. I'm so torn on this because I feel like God is telling me to stay, but my mind tells me its over and to move on. Im just sick of feeling empty.

Damn, that's scares me, it makes me think what if I'm in that situation or will that happens to me too? Sorry but I feel you. although semperxoxo is right don't give up so easily. maybe there's a reason. don't jump to any conclusion yet. Civics people doesn't really understand this. They got no knowledge whatsoever and even if they do it's mostly false. Are you close with his family? Maybe you could ask them. Also, if you know anybody in his unit try asking thm. If you love him so much please don't give up.

dont give up so easily if this is what you really want you have to fight for it..nothing is easy..but if it were it wouldnt be half as worth it. Hang in there.