I Am So Sad =(

so far......this deployment absolutely sucks.  I'm so depressed and sad without my hubby.  I go about my daily routine but I seem to just be going through all the motions.  All i can do is think about my husband and how much I miss him.  I miss getting to talk to him, I miss knowing he's only a phone call away, I miss knowing he is safe, and i miss hearing his voice.  He hasn't been able to contact me in awhile, and all I want is his address so at least i can send him care packages and get letters etc.  I got a brief phone a couple days ago saying he wouldn't be able to call again for a while, and it totally broke my heart.  He told me i was the love of his life and he will always love me and not to worry, but how can I not worry?  So far, i'm really not liking this deployment in afghanistan.  I have 5 months to go until r&r and believe me, i'm counting down every single day until then.  My heart goes out to all you ladies who have handled deployments and who will be in the future.  It's hard, the hardest thing I've ever been through.  Anyways, just wanted to vent.  I'm struggling and just getting it off my chest helps.  I hope all you ladies have a good week and get to see your men soon!



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My husband has been deployed to Afghanistan for the past 8 months. The hardest 8 months of my life, hands down. I guess I have found ways to cope, but I don't think you ever fully feel whole. It's hard to see friends and family in their "normal", daily relationships, and wonder how in the world they could take it for granted. <br />
Keep hanging in there! R&R is absolutely magical, and you will be the happiest, and most complete, you've been in a long time. Keep that countdown going!

ahh thanks for the advice...i had never thought of going and giving a puppy a hug, but it totally makes sense and I think i'm going to have to visit a mall this evening and hug a friendly puppy =) Thanks for the support!! <br />
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p.s. my guy didn't want to talk about his deployment or leaving me either before he left. We didn't really discuss many things dealing with that topic till like a month before. It's a very sensitive issue for them and trust me they will talk when they want to. Good luck with your upcoming deployment!!

this put tears in my eyes. i feel for you and wish you weren't so sad. I know i'll be going through the same thing when my guy leaves for afghanistan in august. Lately, i've been feeling numb about it. In complete denial that it will happen. He doesn't talk about it either, which i wish he did. I don't know what to expect or know where he will be or doing.<br />
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He loves you and is thinking about you every free second he has!<br />
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Hug a puppy!! haha it always helps me. honestly! when i go to the mall i walk past the puppy shop and ask to hug a cute little furball :-)

:( aww its so hard! My bf left too and i miss him non<x>stop and somedays feel like a zombie too. Its difficult when you are with them everyday then all of a sudden they are gone and you are alone. Hes only been gone for a week and a half so im new to it but im sure its gonna be harder at times. my bf isnt taking rr though so i have to wait the whole year to see him :( If you ever wanna talk im here :)